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Dollhouse: Very, very good episode. I’ve been very well behaved in regards to keeping spoilers at arms length so I didn’t know that the lovely Alan Tudyk would be showing up as Alpha (or at all since I don’t read any form of previews or spoilers for the show – but I did my happy dance upon seeing his name in the credits). I was really enjoying his performance throughout, though I did think he was just a Whedon alumni with an entertaining episode-long role. I did start to think there was something odd going on as he was shutting down security systems but it didn’t quite click.

The revelation of Alpha was great fun – I gasped ‘til I choked with genuine shock. It felt like a Whedon surprise, though maybe not quite on the level of Angel as a vampire way back in ’97. Having said that, I was littler then and more easily duped then. Maybe. And the Alpha-slash-Echo? Well. I can’t wait to see wtf is going on there. Surely he didn’t load her up with Caroline (as that doesn’t make sense regarding her presented reasons for being the Dollhouse in the first place) and the lip-biting was all very Spike/Dru back when Spike was a decent character… *ducks*

The Ballard/Boyd fight was great to watch as well – And I was thoroughly on Boyd’s side. The show is a total mind fuck and I’m pleased I’ve stuck with it (though with Dushku, Acker and Williams, it would’ve been too difficult to leave).

Some personal speculation here: I’ve been thinking for a long time that Dr Saunders was the “inside man” that’s been imprinting Echo and November with hidden messages for Ballard. I also read someone’s convincing speculation on the possibility of Saunders being a doll called Whiskey (Dominic shouted that call sign at her, Saunders never leaves the facility, Alpha questioning Saunders on how they met etc) It’s a very convincing case, which would probably mean I’m lost. Although she could be both… At any rate, can’t wait for next week.


I've still to look properly for Dreamwidth comm's, so any rec's from new DW friends would be appreciated.  I have globbed onto the fandom_wank feed (which is great as I hardly ever log into journalfen) and have been informed of someone attempting to "force" JKR to rewrite HP.  A guy with an M.A. (so he must know what he's talking about. /pointless snarkiness ) wants JK to rewrite the books as Harry himself is irrelevant and Hermione could've done much better with the boys.  I don't disagree, even with that pesky scar horcrux.  There are thousands upon thousands of things I would've liked her to change, had I such power.  

But I don't.  Because it's art (in the broad sense of the term), she's the artist and I'm the audience.  And unless it's a Choose Your Own Adventure book then, as the audience, I'm in no position to be instructing the direction of said art.

That's it - simple as.  And if can't accept this then don't read the books; or do what most of us do and write screeds of fanfic righting these wrongs.  I understand that his problems are logical literature and editor based problems but I'm sure he could still go back and revise the whole series himself.

Then get sued. :)
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