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Cut for 1.11 spoilers and future speculation )

I've still to look properly for Dreamwidth comm's, so any rec's from new DW friends would be appreciated.  I have globbed onto the fandom_wank feed (which is great as I hardly ever log into journalfen) and have been informed of someone attempting to "force" JKR to rewrite HP.  A guy with an M.A. (so he must know what he's talking about. /pointless snarkiness ) wants JK to rewrite the books as Harry himself is irrelevant and Hermione could've done much better with the boys.  I don't disagree, even with that pesky scar horcrux.  There are thousands upon thousands of things I would've liked her to change, had I such power.  

But I don't.  Because it's art (in the broad sense of the term), she's the artist and I'm the audience.  And unless it's a Choose Your Own Adventure book then, as the audience, I'm in no position to be instructing the direction of said art.

That's it - simple as.  And if can't accept this then don't read the books; or do what most of us do and write screeds of fanfic righting these wrongs.  I understand that his problems are logical literature and editor based problems but I'm sure he could still go back and revise the whole series himself.

Then get sued. :)
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So I registered for today (I can't even remember how or why I found it).  It says it's one of- if not the oldest HP archive. 

Holy shit! says me.  How have I never heard of it?

But to be honest, I'm not entirely surprised.  I've only reached the halfway point in the internet, so there's a whole 50% still to discover.  *shrugs* S'alright.

I'm trying to upload IOY, just to whore it out a little more.  I've reached the 'create a new story' bit.  Blah, rating.  Blah, summary.  Blah, pairing...

Wait.  Where is my pairing?  Where?

If you can see it below, then I most likely have black spots in my vision.  Which is probably caused by too much rose wine (not tonight, I just mean in general) and I probably have liver failure.

<input ... >Arthur/Molly
<input ... >Bill/Fleur
<input ... >Cho/Cedric
<input ... >Draco/Pansy
<input ... >Ginny/Dean
<input ... >Harry/Cho
<input ... >Harry/Ginny
<input ... >Hermione/Krum
<input ... >James/Lily
<input ... >Lucius/Narcissa
<input ... >Remus/Tonks
<input ... >Ron/Hermione
<input ... >Ron/Lavender
<input ... >Dean/Luna
<input ... >Draco/Ginny
<input ... >Draco/Hermione
<input ... >Draco/Luna
<input ... >Harry/Hermione
<input ... >Harry/Luna
<input ... >Hermione/FredOrGeorge
<input ... >Neville/Luna
<input ... >Remus/Lily
<input ... >Ron/Luna
<input ... >Rose/Scorpius
<input ... >Sirius/Lily
<input ... >Snape/Lily
<input ... >Snape/Narcissa
<input ... >Teddy/Victoire
<input ... >Draco/OC
<input ... >Ginny/OC
<input ... >Harry/OC
<input ... >Hermione/OC
<input ... >James/OC
<input ... >Lily/OC
<input ... >OC/OC
<input ... >Remus/OC
<input ... >Ron/OC
<input ... >Sirius/OC
<input ... >Snape/OC
<input ... >Other Pairing

Now.  I see that the first column and a bit deals with canon couples.  I'm cool with that.  List them first, by all means.  Then we come to popular UC's - Draco/Ginny, Harry/Hermione (How much funnier would it be if the bottom box of the 2nd column read: Hermione/FredAndOrGeorge?). 

So further down and still no sign of my ship.  Now I've come to Rose/Scorpius which has been in existence for barely a year and I'm getting a little annoyed, likewise with Teddy/Victoire (even though that is canon).  Snape/Narcissa seems somewhat like a slap in the face.  To be honest, I've never seen that pairing in general ff forum, area or site.  I am sure it is out there, and the people who ship that most likely have good reasons for doing so - but would you say that Snape/Narcissa is more common than Hermione/Ginny?

No, neither would I.

There are no femmeslash/slash couples here, but at all.  Not even the canon Dumbledore/Grindelwald.  WTF is that all about?

I know that, comparatively, femmeslash fandom is not that big.  It's a good sized niche and I think it's stronger for it.  A lot more 12 year olds will write a Harry/Draco than a Fleur/Pansy.  But most archive sites will have the most popular Slash/Fslash pairings - it's not that obscure.

This site claims to be the oldest HP archive.  It has a check box for slash/Fslash in the genre area correction, the warnings area.  *rolls eyes*

So, now here is the question - do I check Ginny/OC or Hermione/OC? (Edit: which is of course completely wrong but what other option is there?)  This is a bit bloody ridiculous. 

What a piece of nonsense.
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Fandom to me is a good part of life. Incredible to think that [ profile] fandom_counts is up to 33,000 odd members now.

I've been a part of many fandoms for many years. Some I flit between, others I'm there to stay. All I did mid-teenage era was write crappy shipper fic which unfortunately is still hidden in the depths of the pits of the internet. Forgot the damn site password.

I've dabbled, stood on the borders and become completely immersed to varying degrees in several.

I've lived from week to week gripped to a tv show, been dying to read the new book or first in line to see the new movie. Then gone home to discuss it online and, more often than not, scraped a fanfic together. All all the time I've been pretty happy doing it.

So why is it very few people in my RL actually know I do this? I can count the number on one hand. Out of all the people I've known well/been close to/spent most of my waking hours with, only a few know about this fannish craze that I enjoy so much.

Thinking about it, two people I consider my very closest friends have no idea.

Why not? Did it never come up? It's pretty bizarre considering they would know some of the most hideously embarrassing/secret crap -- but not that every now and then I like to log in and write a story about fictional characters.

Strange. Incredibly strange.
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