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I went to a first division football match tonight, in honour of my dads boyhood club Greenock Morton.  It was freezing and it was goal less.  I bought him a scarf though, so I'm sure he'll enjoy that when I see him.

Terracing was fun; the usual banter and humour - which included a ten year boy whose voice hadn't broken screaming at the top of his lungs.  But it was freezing and the football was terrible.  There were 17 goals in the other 4 games tonight in that division - we saw none.  Sigh.  Not to mention the scores from the champions league tonight looked like really exciting games.  I've sky-plussed them as I'm knackered and have to get up early tomorrow to go sort out some paperwork for my interview for a government job on Saturday.  I hate that I have to get pieces of paper which say that I am who I say I am.

Also - The L Word finale was heinous.  I'm still raging about it.  What a total non-conclusion.  I posted about it like mad over on the lword comm yesterday as I was so hyped up.

Yawn yawn yawn
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Britney has shaved her hair off.

No one told me.

Selling her hair on ebay.  I actually don't want it.  I have enough dead hair on my carpet to make a dog.  A really furry dog.

I just watched the new Family Guy on last night in the US.  Terribly offensive but incredibly hilarious Britney parody

She is actually going mental. Hope someone does something before we the headlines are screaming suicide.  I'm still a Britney loyalist at my age.  She made good pop songs, I didn't condemn her for getting wasted re: breakup of her marriage.  That's what people our age do for Christs sake

In other news, new L word and I still love my robot assassin/gay soccer mom.  This series is so more coherent than last years shambles.

Now writing play stuff.. trying to get it done..


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