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I'm not writing to you from in the midst of a blizzard - that was yesterday. I arose mega early, like the weather was my alarm clock and went out walking. I did look a bit strange in non-matching winterwear just wandering around as if I'd never seen so much of the white stuff before. This was mostly because I didn't have the puppy with me. She fell and hurt her leg while running about daft at the weekend, so she's on the crippled list. She just hobbles about, looking forlorn because she missed the snow she loves so much. I couldn't even take her out for a walk in the strictest sense of the word, because there is no way she's sensible enough to take it easy and just hobble along the road. Nope, she'd be jumping into the burn, swimming and running about mad as usual, ignoring the pain. She doesn't know when to quit and would hurt herself more, ergo the housebound dog. I've renamed her Limpy for the interim peroid.

Pfft... Wish I had something more interesting to say... Not won any Tony's yet, but have ripped some CD's onto my ps3 and discovered, like, 10 more things it's capable of.

Been doing some gutting out. I'm a keeper- as in, I keep everything just in case it comes in useful one day. It's something I inheirited from my mother who's much worse than I. I've been looking back through my set of uni notebooks which contain more cartoons and conversations than actual lecture notes. There are also a lot of shitty 'beginning of a play' stuff in there as well. Lots of pretentious conversations between arsey urbanites and wanky dialogue for disembodied voices. Awful, awful stuff.

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