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This rant probably borders on offensive. (I say probably because I haven’t written it yet)  It contains my own stupid, stubborn opinions which I’m aware 98% of the internetz do not share.  It’s completely my opinion.  I’m not forcing a case or trying to get anyone to think the same way I do.  It also doesn’t mean that I think I’m right and you’re wrong – it’s personal opinion.

Phew.  Right.

I hate anime.  Hate it.  There was a time nearly everyone I knew was freaking obsessed with anything that came out of Japan.  I was/am not.

I think it started with Akira.  I mentioned to a friend that I didn’t know if I fancied anime or not because I’d never really seen any.  I was told Akira was the best thing drawn since Mona Lisa.  So I watched it and holy God did it suck.  It was illogical, kinda boring and very uninteresting to me.  This was apparently the pinnacle of anime at the time.  *yawn*  I’ve heard much about the deep complexities and attractions of currently running anime series, which kind of interest me, but the format completely puts me off.  But I understand why there are so many fans of all nationalities which follow Naruto or whatever.  There are themes and characters there for people to enjoy a healthy fandom obsession.

That’s just really the movie content I’m slamming, but to be honest the animation, voicing and style really turned me off as well.  So.  Yeah.  Apparently not into anime.  I also kinda hated how liking anime transformed you into this worldly, cultured person whereas the poor schlubs who lived for Buffy on Friday nights were so terribly mainstream and stupid.  *eyes roll*

I’ve pretty much bottled up the Hate-Anime crap for years through having to watch Full Metal Alchemist and buying Studio Ghibli DVD’s for a devout anime lover for years but here’s the real moan:  I hate that terms relating to anime/manga have filtered through fandom and end up in *my* fandoms which have zilch to do with it.  I don’t want to hear about yaoi or yuri or anything other bullshit terms.  I also don’t want HP (I’m using Potter as an example because it’s the one I’ve noticed the epidemic in) characters jammed into anime stereotypes to make them gay/bisexual/asexual/androgynous/whatever.  There’s just something that makes me feel quite uneasy about the way anime-based or manga-sketched girls/women are presented as well.  Really uneasy.  It’s the western world obsessed with eastern world little girl thing (shudder, yeuch) or western 12 year old girls squeeing over Draco with ass length hair and long nails (also a bit yeuch).

Now.  Each to their own, of course.  I don’t have to watch it (anymore) and you don’t have to recognise my viewpoint as valid.  But this infection has become so widespread that it’s practically unavoidable.  I might just be bitching so what’s the point in getting wound up in this?  Poor characterisation & cultural references, when you transpose western based fandom to anime-esque form, for one.  Any bastardised versions of my beloved HP characters into naughty, petite schoolgirls or androgynous long haired males just doesn’t sit well with me.  Anime fandom is huge, enjoy it where it properly resides.  Go play there and if you’re going to play with HP, then do it properly.

Also, not a xenophobe or a racist.  I suppose it’s just like someone not liking British comedy or something.  I don’t particulary like ‘British’ comedy, though there are a few exceptions.

Sigh, it’s been a sucky week?  Can you tell from the complete ridiculous wankery of this entry?  I think so…

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