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So first with an IOY update - Tonight or more likely tomorrow.  I may like to sleep on the final changes.  The final final changes.  *sigh*

Secondly, congratulations to Russia for winning Eurovision.  You have succeeded in winning the cheesiest, saddest contest in the known universe.  But I do love it when in the mood.  I was busy doing actual stuff tonight so I didn't sit through 2 hours of bad songs then an hour of voting.  I enjoyed it thoroughly last year when I collapsed coming in from work and couldn't physically move from the sofa.  I put on the subtitles so I could know what they were singing in english.  Much fun had by me.  Previous years I've ended up a Eurovision parties.  Also fun.  I've not heard any of the songs at all this year, though I'm sure they're utter guff with one or two which may actually be good but didn't have the geographical location and political friends to win.  Britain -I hope- got nil point.  I hope. [EDIT: Joint last on 14 points.  Yippee!] Perhaps then we'll try putting out something other than specially-tailored eurotrash shite dance pop.  Which will never win.  Idiots.  Ireland probably didn't try again this year because they're too skint to put on another Eurovision.  When someone told me this I was sure they were just referring to the Father Ted episode, but apparently it's quite true. 

(FYI, did you know that the President of Ireland makes more money than the US President?  It's roughly $425,000 to Bush's pittance of est. $400,000.  And the last two Irish Presidents have been women who've collectively been in office since 1990.  I'm informed by an Irish citizen that the job is mostly ceremonial with tie-breaker/balancing powers - I'd so be up for that)

Thirdly -
Rant time )
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