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I read up on Mars and the mission on Friday for fun and learned lots of new words as well as lots of mathematical concepts I'm am not capable of computing.  I'm like an Amiga that way.  It'll take weeks to process, you might as well just stick in Tetris.  I read an article earlier on this evening which said the scientists put the chance of a successful landing at less than 50% which kinda blows.  All that time, all that money for nothing.  But they did it.  Bravo.  Now - go find me some aliens.

Not generally into sci-fi, space, astronautary etc but I do like knowledge.  The dubious monetary value of NASA is something I've long struggled with but something like this is quite exciting.

Reading jPod by Douglas Coupland right now and thoroughly enjoying the random, crazy, hilariousness of it all, littered with geeky pop-culture references.

I need a new power cable for my laptop.  I have to flex the cable just so and not move it a fraction less the computer cut out.  I don't know why it doesn't just revert to battery power.  Sigh.  I have a stupidly rare connector which you can't get in the universal power adaptors.  So it's forking out a bit more money than I have.  But cannot function without laptop.  Sad truth.

I am ridiculously tired but I need to finish my proposal by tomorrow.  Didn't bloody help I choose to spend hours editing and posting the final chapter of IOY. :)

Oh, and also voted in the LJ advisory elections.  Procrastinated useless time reading manifestos so I could make an informed decision - [community profile] legomymalfoy, [personal profile] rmand [profile] randomposting that would be.  [community profile] legomymalfoy for fandom needs and a strong set of ideas.  Looks like she's winning as well with [personal profile] rm not too far behind.  Can I pick em, or can I pick em?
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