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So I registered for harrypotterfanfiction.com today (I can't even remember how or why I found it).  It says it's one of- if not the oldest HP archive. 

Holy shit! says me.  How have I never heard of it?

But to be honest, I'm not entirely surprised.  I've only reached the halfway point in the internet, so there's a whole 50% still to discover.  *shrugs* S'alright.

I'm trying to upload IOY, just to whore it out a little more.  I've reached the 'create a new story' bit.  Blah, rating.  Blah, summary.  Blah, pairing...

Wait.  Where is my pairing?  Where?

If you can see it below, then I most likely have black spots in my vision.  Which is probably caused by too much rose wine (not tonight, I just mean in general) and I probably have liver failure.

<input ... >Arthur/Molly
<input ... >Bill/Fleur
<input ... >Cho/Cedric
<input ... >Draco/Pansy
<input ... >Ginny/Dean
<input ... >Harry/Cho
<input ... >Harry/Ginny
<input ... >Hermione/Krum
<input ... >James/Lily
<input ... >Lucius/Narcissa
<input ... >Remus/Tonks
<input ... >Ron/Hermione
<input ... >Ron/Lavender
<input ... >Dean/Luna
<input ... >Draco/Ginny
<input ... >Draco/Hermione
<input ... >Draco/Luna
<input ... >Harry/Hermione
<input ... >Harry/Luna
<input ... >Hermione/FredOrGeorge
<input ... >Neville/Luna
<input ... >Remus/Lily
<input ... >Ron/Luna
<input ... >Rose/Scorpius
<input ... >Sirius/Lily
<input ... >Snape/Lily
<input ... >Snape/Narcissa
<input ... >Teddy/Victoire
<input ... >Draco/OC
<input ... >Ginny/OC
<input ... >Harry/OC
<input ... >Hermione/OC
<input ... >James/OC
<input ... >Lily/OC
<input ... >OC/OC
<input ... >Remus/OC
<input ... >Ron/OC
<input ... >Sirius/OC
<input ... >Snape/OC
<input ... >Other Pairing

Now.  I see that the first column and a bit deals with canon couples.  I'm cool with that.  List them first, by all means.  Then we come to popular UC's - Draco/Ginny, Harry/Hermione (How much funnier would it be if the bottom box of the 2nd column read: Hermione/FredAndOrGeorge?). 

So further down and still no sign of my ship.  Now I've come to Rose/Scorpius which has been in existence for barely a year and I'm getting a little annoyed, likewise with Teddy/Victoire (even though that is canon).  Snape/Narcissa seems somewhat like a slap in the face.  To be honest, I've never seen that pairing in general ff forum, area or site.  I am sure it is out there, and the people who ship that most likely have good reasons for doing so - but would you say that Snape/Narcissa is more common than Hermione/Ginny?

No, neither would I.

There are no femmeslash/slash couples here, but at all.  Not even the canon Dumbledore/Grindelwald.  WTF is that all about?

I know that, comparatively, femmeslash fandom is not that big.  It's a good sized niche and I think it's stronger for it.  A lot more 12 year olds will write a Harry/Draco than a Fleur/Pansy.  But most archive sites will have the most popular Slash/Fslash pairings - it's not that obscure.

This site claims to be the oldest HP archive.  It has a check box for slash/Fslash in the genre area correction, the warnings area.  *rolls eyes*

So, now here is the question - do I check Ginny/OC or Hermione/OC? (Edit: which is of course completely wrong but what other option is there?)  This is a bit bloody ridiculous. 

What a piece of nonsense.
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