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Some may recall this entry about my joy of procuring a can of Itral: German Insekten spray to protect me from the eight-legged visitors.

Tonight I unloaded half a can (seriously.) on this huge huge huge spider.  My bedroom now reeks of chemicals, I'm choking, my bedspread is soaking and I'm afraid to open the window as I'm sure the spider armies are coming for vengeance. 

Damnit.  I was having a nice Saturday off.  I'm very sunburned from yesterday (It takes half an hour of mild sunlight to make me redder than communist China) so I just hung out in the shade, watched the two opening euro 2008 matches, wrote a little, saw friends etc and later was getting ready for bed (in between fainting over [profile] zee014's Kristen Bell picspammy return) when the artist formerly known as Big Fucking Spider dropped down from the curtains onto the bed.  I know, I'm such a child about these things.  It's illogical and it's stupid to be so afraid but I seriously can't help it.  I honestly thought I was getting better.  My puppy is no use at all.  She got very excited about me shouting 'DIE! DIE!  WHY WON'T YOU DIE?' (the sad thing is that is actually verbatim) but when I requested she attack the spider, she didn't seem to comprehend.  Useless.  She has started burying things in the back garden, which is extremely cliched and therefore chortle-worthy.

Anyway, my can was half done when it finally went towards the light (metaphorical light, not physical) so I got the dust buster to suck it up to a dusty grave.  Now I can't sleep.  Well, I want to, but I can't.  I'll probably sleep on my desk tonight, curled in a ball.  When I was a child I would always sleep in my sleeping bag.  Nothing could crawl up and get me if I was zipped in, nice and tight.  I may revert back to those days.

Oh, and speaking of China - re: Sharon Stones comments about Karma and the earthquakes in China - I thought the very same thing too.  It's un-PC, very cold and very inappropriate but I did.  It was the first snarky, sarcastic thing that came into my head when I heard about the earthquakes.  So, Sharon, you're not alone.  I, too, am a sarcastic bitch who made a joke (although, I don't think you were joking) about thousands of dead people, TIbet and karma.  But unlike you I don't think my career is buggered because of it.

Why must I post about the killing of spiders?
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