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Wow.  I come back from Glasgow from an awesome gig by Reuben (plus an excellent support band, Sucioperro who were just electric.  Never enjoyed support so much) to find this:

Addison, my Addison who I've been sadly and increasingly obsessed over for the past few months is apparently getting a spin off.  I cannot decide if this is a good thing or not. I still can't believe it.  I wanted more, and now I've got it.  But if it bombs then no more Addison?

Oh, I'll be crying myself to sleep tonight in all the confusion.

Reuben, anyway, brilliant.  Played loads off 1st album, Stuck in my Throat, Lets Stop Hanging Out. Fall of Bastille, Moving to Blackwater, Horrorshow, Tonight my wife, Song for Saturday, Our Song.  That's not to mention 3 new tracks and 5 or 6 from 2nd album and a Nirvana cover.  Lovely.  Ears and throat sore, as to be expected.

I'm v up for passing out but I've still work to do on el playio.  Been thinking about it on the long bus journeys back n forth.  Think I've finally broken the final story aspect in.  Should run more or less smoothly now.  

I hear music but nothing's on.  Going crazy, going deaf...

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After a night of virtually no sleep (an hour at the most) because of bitches outside my window / too hot / too cold / overactive / the words Dan/Horse echoing in my brain - I have renounced the OTP of last night (I kept blurting out "Dan-slash-Horse" for no reason.At least every 3 minutes) and taken on the much lovelier mantle of Addison/Glasses.  

I shall name this ship HMS Lusty Glasses.  Anyone is welcome aboard.  As long as the pairing makes you feel wibbly inside.

One last time for the cheap seats in the back --- Dan/Horse! 


I am officially mental.


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