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Tis been a busy week, most of it boring.


But on Tuesday/ Wednesday morning I did finish (the first draft which runs at over 2 hours) of my play – Huzzah!  I had the usual loopy, sleep deprived day after in which I loved everything and the world seemed infinitely better.  I’ve sent it out to a few friends for feedback and after that I’ll fix and polish and then will use it to try in vain to convince theatre people that I can write and that they do want to pay me for the privilege. 


Also entered a competition with an old play which my old tutor feels I have a good shot at.  I had to fit specific criteria – 3 characters, living urban or rural Scots dialect and under an hour – So I sent in the play I often consider to be the bastard spawn, if I were to look at my various works as children.  I don’t know why I consider it the let down and the bastard spawn because I actually enjoy it when I read it, instead of squirming.  Perhaps I feel that way because it’s fairly crude and the plot isn’t overly taxing (read: simple).  I didn’t do the extreme planning and research I usually do, because it didn’t really call for it.  I wanted to have a go at writing about male friendship because I’m usually quite female-centric ;)


We’ll see though.  I have a feeling that this competition might be trying to find a Sunset Song-y type of play, about fucking farms.  Urgh.  I feel like poking my eyes out when I read that genre in Scottish literature.  So perhaps two Edinburgh boys who play computer games, worship football and argue about which Disney film was the last great Disney isn’t what they’re looking for.  There’s more to it than that, but most of the disgusting humour comes out of those two.


Here’s a movie which a highly, highly recommend you see: Boy A.  Terrific.  It’s British movie about a youth murderer who gets his life together after release with the help of his social worker.  Moving, horrifying, so, so well written and dare I say beautiful?


And here’s some opinions on the start to some TV shows – Heroes, Fringe and House.  I have been watching other stuff – Gossip Girl which I’m fairly happy with (zee014 : I thought of you during this weeks hockey skirt wearing scene – I’m still working on those Lively legs).  And I have seen Grey’s, but not sure I want to comment on it yet.

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So, during my shameless troll for icons yesterday and today, I've come across a bizarre trend.  It seems like every and any fandom's going batshit for Twilight.  Seriously.  I was thinking that surely this can't all be about Robert Pattinson.  I know alotta people enjoyed the slashy Harry/Cedric aspect of GoF but - seriously?

Turns out it's actually very popular young adult novel (according to wikipedia) and the movie is "highly anticipated."  No kidding.  The sheer volume of icons etc for a movie that's not out for over half a year is astounding.

I'm assuming it must be not bad considering that caps for nearly every frame of the trailer are all over the place.  Either that or one person likes it a little too much and has gone to a lot of trouble creating sockpuppets who in turn create billions of icons in an effort to spam fandom into liking Cedric's new vampire movie.

Whatever.  I doubt I'll see it.  I have problems with vampire lore that isn't Whedonverse ("WTF?  Where's his grr face?" "Vampires can't fucking fly.  Lame." etc etc)

Oh, and I've now gotten over my shame for Kristen lust.  I welcome it, Hell, I embrace it.


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