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So I registered for today (I can't even remember how or why I found it).  It says it's one of- if not the oldest HP archive. 

Holy shit! says me.  How have I never heard of it?

But to be honest, I'm not entirely surprised.  I've only reached the halfway point in the internet, so there's a whole 50% still to discover.  *shrugs* S'alright.

I'm trying to upload IOY, just to whore it out a little more.  I've reached the 'create a new story' bit.  Blah, rating.  Blah, summary.  Blah, pairing...

Wait.  Where is my pairing?  Where?

If you can see it below, then I most likely have black spots in my vision.  Which is probably caused by too much rose wine (not tonight, I just mean in general) and I probably have liver failure.

<input ... >Arthur/Molly
<input ... >Bill/Fleur
<input ... >Cho/Cedric
<input ... >Draco/Pansy
<input ... >Ginny/Dean
<input ... >Harry/Cho
<input ... >Harry/Ginny
<input ... >Hermione/Krum
<input ... >James/Lily
<input ... >Lucius/Narcissa
<input ... >Remus/Tonks
<input ... >Ron/Hermione
<input ... >Ron/Lavender
<input ... >Dean/Luna
<input ... >Draco/Ginny
<input ... >Draco/Hermione
<input ... >Draco/Luna
<input ... >Harry/Hermione
<input ... >Harry/Luna
<input ... >Hermione/FredOrGeorge
<input ... >Neville/Luna
<input ... >Remus/Lily
<input ... >Ron/Luna
<input ... >Rose/Scorpius
<input ... >Sirius/Lily
<input ... >Snape/Lily
<input ... >Snape/Narcissa
<input ... >Teddy/Victoire
<input ... >Draco/OC
<input ... >Ginny/OC
<input ... >Harry/OC
<input ... >Hermione/OC
<input ... >James/OC
<input ... >Lily/OC
<input ... >OC/OC
<input ... >Remus/OC
<input ... >Ron/OC
<input ... >Sirius/OC
<input ... >Snape/OC
<input ... >Other Pairing

Now.  I see that the first column and a bit deals with canon couples.  I'm cool with that.  List them first, by all means.  Then we come to popular UC's - Draco/Ginny, Harry/Hermione (How much funnier would it be if the bottom box of the 2nd column read: Hermione/FredAndOrGeorge?). 

So further down and still no sign of my ship.  Now I've come to Rose/Scorpius which has been in existence for barely a year and I'm getting a little annoyed, likewise with Teddy/Victoire (even though that is canon).  Snape/Narcissa seems somewhat like a slap in the face.  To be honest, I've never seen that pairing in general ff forum, area or site.  I am sure it is out there, and the people who ship that most likely have good reasons for doing so - but would you say that Snape/Narcissa is more common than Hermione/Ginny?

No, neither would I.

There are no femmeslash/slash couples here, but at all.  Not even the canon Dumbledore/Grindelwald.  WTF is that all about?

I know that, comparatively, femmeslash fandom is not that big.  It's a good sized niche and I think it's stronger for it.  A lot more 12 year olds will write a Harry/Draco than a Fleur/Pansy.  But most archive sites will have the most popular Slash/Fslash pairings - it's not that obscure.

This site claims to be the oldest HP archive.  It has a check box for slash/Fslash in the genre area correction, the warnings area.  *rolls eyes*

So, now here is the question - do I check Ginny/OC or Hermione/OC? (Edit: which is of course completely wrong but what other option is there?)  This is a bit bloody ridiculous. 

What a piece of nonsense.
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So, during my shameless troll for icons yesterday and today, I've come across a bizarre trend.  It seems like every and any fandom's going batshit for Twilight.  Seriously.  I was thinking that surely this can't all be about Robert Pattinson.  I know alotta people enjoyed the slashy Harry/Cedric aspect of GoF but - seriously?

Turns out it's actually very popular young adult novel (according to wikipedia) and the movie is "highly anticipated."  No kidding.  The sheer volume of icons etc for a movie that's not out for over half a year is astounding.

I'm assuming it must be not bad considering that caps for nearly every frame of the trailer are all over the place.  Either that or one person likes it a little too much and has gone to a lot of trouble creating sockpuppets who in turn create billions of icons in an effort to spam fandom into liking Cedric's new vampire movie.

Whatever.  I doubt I'll see it.  I have problems with vampire lore that isn't Whedonverse ("WTF?  Where's his grr face?" "Vampires can't fucking fly.  Lame." etc etc)

Oh, and I've now gotten over my shame for Kristen lust.  I welcome it, Hell, I embrace it.
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I've just watched Southland Tales because I was cold, tired and in need of a lie down so I thought that meant I'd be suitably clear headed and focused on it.

Didn't make a bit of fucking difference.

I have seen a lot of weird stuff in my time.  A lot more crazy ridiculous wanky wank art is done in theatre than on film and I've seen too much that I don't usually get that arsed when a film goes in that direction.

Let me also say, I'd been looking forward to it.  It sounded interesting, I always like to catch up with the Buffy alumni (except Bones. I point blank refuse.  That shit is retarded.) and I thought Darko was quite a film.

I got what was happening and the more I think about it now I can vaguely track the through line of the story.  But alot of it was quite pointless.  It was well shot, art direction was lovely but I felt let down that such grand concepts (apocalypse, souls, dimension, warfare) were so scrappily dealt with.

It's terrible to say that my favourite part was SMG dancing with slow dancing Mandy Moore, isn't it?  I don't even particulary fancy either of them but I do believe Kelly was thinking "Shit, it's been two hours.  I've had too many shots of the Rock with his shirt off.  Right, I'll jam in a nice well lit visual scene with two lovely ladies dancing.  That'll wake that chick from Scotland up long enough so that she sees the ending."

I will usually give a fucked up film like this until the credits to explain itself or to do something so it doesn't need to.  But as soon as that first end title was up, I was WTF-ing all over the place.  I can't quite remember the name of the last film that did that to me, but I know the one before it was Anchorman.  I don't generally respond well to that kind of crap.

But Southland Tales is the kind of film that makes me think that if I didn't like it then I must be the stupid, uncultured one.  It's not the films fault, it's mine.

*reaches for dunces cap*
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