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So first with an IOY update - Tonight or more likely tomorrow.  I may like to sleep on the final changes.  The final final changes.  *sigh*

Secondly, congratulations to Russia for winning Eurovision.  You have succeeded in winning the cheesiest, saddest contest in the known universe.  But I do love it when in the mood.  I was busy doing actual stuff tonight so I didn't sit through 2 hours of bad songs then an hour of voting.  I enjoyed it thoroughly last year when I collapsed coming in from work and couldn't physically move from the sofa.  I put on the subtitles so I could know what they were singing in english.  Much fun had by me.  Previous years I've ended up a Eurovision parties.  Also fun.  I've not heard any of the songs at all this year, though I'm sure they're utter guff with one or two which may actually be good but didn't have the geographical location and political friends to win.  Britain -I hope- got nil point.  I hope. [EDIT: Joint last on 14 points.  Yippee!] Perhaps then we'll try putting out something other than specially-tailored eurotrash shite dance pop.  Which will never win.  Idiots.  Ireland probably didn't try again this year because they're too skint to put on another Eurovision.  When someone told me this I was sure they were just referring to the Father Ted episode, but apparently it's quite true. 

(FYI, did you know that the President of Ireland makes more money than the US President?  It's roughly $425,000 to Bush's pittance of est. $400,000.  And the last two Irish Presidents have been women who've collectively been in office since 1990.  I'm informed by an Irish citizen that the job is mostly ceremonial with tie-breaker/balancing powers - I'd so be up for that)

Thirdly -
Rant time )
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This rant probably borders on offensive. (I say probably because I haven’t written it yet)  It contains my own stupid, stubborn opinions which I’m aware 98% of the internetz do not share.  It’s completely my opinion.  I’m not forcing a case or trying to get anyone to think the same way I do.  It also doesn’t mean that I think I’m right and you’re wrong – it’s personal opinion.

Phew.  Right.

I hate anime.  Hate it.  There was a time nearly everyone I knew was freaking obsessed with anything that came out of Japan.  I was/am not.

I think it started with Akira.  I mentioned to a friend that I didn’t know if I fancied anime or not because I’d never really seen any.  I was told Akira was the best thing drawn since Mona Lisa.  So I watched it and holy God did it suck.  It was illogical, kinda boring and very uninteresting to me.  This was apparently the pinnacle of anime at the time.  *yawn*  I’ve heard much about the deep complexities and attractions of currently running anime series, which kind of interest me, but the format completely puts me off.  But I understand why there are so many fans of all nationalities which follow Naruto or whatever.  There are themes and characters there for people to enjoy a healthy fandom obsession.

That’s just really the movie content I’m slamming, but to be honest the animation, voicing and style really turned me off as well.  So.  Yeah.  Apparently not into anime.  I also kinda hated how liking anime transformed you into this worldly, cultured person whereas the poor schlubs who lived for Buffy on Friday nights were so terribly mainstream and stupid.  *eyes roll*

I’ve pretty much bottled up the Hate-Anime crap for years through having to watch Full Metal Alchemist and buying Studio Ghibli DVD’s for a devout anime lover for years but here’s the real moan:  I hate that terms relating to anime/manga have filtered through fandom and end up in *my* fandoms which have zilch to do with it.  I don’t want to hear about yaoi or yuri or anything other bullshit terms.  I also don’t want HP (I’m using Potter as an example because it’s the one I’ve noticed the epidemic in) characters jammed into anime stereotypes to make them gay/bisexual/asexual/androgynous/whatever.  There’s just something that makes me feel quite uneasy about the way anime-based or manga-sketched girls/women are presented as well.  Really uneasy.  It’s the western world obsessed with eastern world little girl thing (shudder, yeuch) or western 12 year old girls squeeing over Draco with ass length hair and long nails (also a bit yeuch).

Now.  Each to their own, of course.  I don’t have to watch it (anymore) and you don’t have to recognise my viewpoint as valid.  But this infection has become so widespread that it’s practically unavoidable.  I might just be bitching so what’s the point in getting wound up in this?  Poor characterisation & cultural references, when you transpose western based fandom to anime-esque form, for one.  Any bastardised versions of my beloved HP characters into naughty, petite schoolgirls or androgynous long haired males just doesn’t sit well with me.  Anime fandom is huge, enjoy it where it properly resides.  Go play there and if you’re going to play with HP, then do it properly.

Also, not a xenophobe or a racist.  I suppose it’s just like someone not liking British comedy or something.  I don’t particulary like ‘British’ comedy, though there are a few exceptions.

Sigh, it’s been a sucky week?  Can you tell from the complete ridiculous wankery of this entry?  I think so…

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While listening to the Croatia game tonight (not too bad, not too bad) I was doing some sidling around LJ and used my friends of friends page for the first time in ever.  I came across a post here by [personal profile] dancinbutterfly (I don't know whose friend she is a friend of, but think we share a comm, if that's how that thing works) which is in response to a post by [profile] _allecto_ a couple of months ago on the topic - "A Rapist's view of the World: Joss Whedon and Firefly."

Yes.  That's the topic.

And because of the content, subject matter and because I'm quite sure I'm going to annoy myself I'm going to lj-cut.

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What have I done over the past few days?  Spent it with my first love.  Not that one.  My true first love - Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Sigh.  I think it was probably the bawz that was Southland Tales and my disappointment at what seems to be SMG’s career after Buffy that left me with the urgent need to break out the DVDs.  I have so much love.  A love that will never die.

SMG, in my opinion, has made some pretty bad choices in her career sans Buffy.  And that’s not what I wanted.  I wasn’t bitter and twisted and wished a professional death to all actors involved.  I wanted to see them flourish and show themselves on a ‘bigger’ stage.  But, c’mon, fucking Scooby Doo?  Twice??  I can only assume it was purely out of love for his husband.  I loved Cruel Intentions but that was during Buffy.  Simply Irresistible I’ve seen about six times and it just gets worse --  Don’t ask me why I’ve seen it six times.  I watch movies I hate more than regular people watch movies they love.  Simply Irresistible is case in point.

Normal person: ‘Oh I loved Titanic!  I’ve seen it 3 times!’ 

Me:  ‘Yeah?  I’ve seriously seen it about fifty.  Seriously.  I used to keep count, last count I remember was 33 and that was in the first year of it being released on video.  It dwindled since then… But I still kick your ass.’

Anyway.  Harvard Man?  Terrible, implausible, awful.  It’s in my collection and I’ve only watched it twice.  That’s an indication of how bad it is.

The Grudge/The Grudge 2/The Return – I confess I have not seen.  I’m not really that interested in horror, though I have been made to watch quite a few sick, bizarre and rare trash movies because I have several friends who have an overwhelming love for horror.  (Can I pick ‘em or can I pick ‘em?)  But from reviews, articles and the like my only thoughts on these are that SMG is surely better than this shit?  Is she trying to distance herself from Buffy  in a way that’ll stop people seeing her as (what was then) the revolutionary, turn the concept on it’s head Tiny Blonde Heroine to the prosaic, stereotypical Tiny Blonde Victim?

It’s probably unfair to judge as I haven’t seen them, but who gives a shit?  Are the judgement police gonna batter down my door?  Whatever.  *walks away from that lame quip*

So then her CV’s got a lot of voicework on it.  Fine, cool.  Didn’t see a lot of them (TMNT, anyone?) but OK.

Then there’s Suburban Girl and Possession which I haven’t seen (mostly because they weren’t released over here and I had no idea until I looked at IMDB).  Suburban Girl looks like fairly standard rom-com fare with a lukewarm response, which I am in no way opposed to.  I often like to sit down with a predictable schmaltzy movie.  But it doesn’t look like SMG’s setting the world alight.

As I see from the message board on Possession, someone seems to have having similar thoughts -

Alice does look good but she’s been mooted for this for about four fucking years.  Maybe they’re shifting it up a gear now.  A friend of mine was obsessed with the game (and Alice in general) and from what she describes it sounds great, exactly what I’d want to write if I was fucking something pure and innocent up for a modern audience.  (I’m a little jealous, actually.  I love the concept.)

Anyway.  That wasn’t even what I wanted to write about.  SMG isn’t even my favourite cast alumni (That would be Dushku.) but I ran away there…

But I’m getting to the point.  And my point is this – I loved and still love Buffy an unhealthy amount.  It’s like not seeing an old lover for a while.  You can think of them and reminisce.  You can adore them in their absence.  You can think about all the good times together.  You can look at a picture of them and go slightly giddy.  You can hear about what they’re doing now and be jealous/intimidated/saddened/proud/superior.  But until you see them again, in the flesh, you haven’t realised just how much you missed and still miss them. 

ATM, What’s My Line pt 2 is on in the background.  Actually, I paused it because it’s at the point with Buffy and Kendra in the library with Giles as they figure out what’s going on with the two slayer thing and I don’t want to miss a single moment of Kendra dialogue.  (‘Chick Fight?’ and ‘Dats me favourite shirt – Dat’s me only shirt! are two favourites)  In the short time I had with you, Kendra, we loved a lifetime’s worth.  But you had to go.  Because Dru was awesome and otherwise my other favourite slayer would’ve never come to town.

I wouldn’t describe myself a season 1-3 purist.  I enjoy 4-7 immensely, even when others bitch and moan and whine.  But I do think that season 2 is my favourite and I think that’s because of the superb arc plotting, great standalones, supreme evil characters (unholy trio of Dru, Spike and Angelus) but mostly because season two Buffy, as a character, is the one that I truly love.  The one that is vulnerable and coming into her own.  The one that is unsure but still fights for what is right.  The one that is wistful of a normal life but loves and appreciates who she has in her life then…

Season 3 may be superior on the whole.  It has many plus points over season 2.  I do think it is slow to start but it has so much packed in - Faith, the Mayor, yet more great standalones, The Wish, Doppelgangland, the downfall of Faith, the supreme finale and the emotional journey of all the characters as they’re reaching this pivotal moment of ‘What the Hell do I do after school?’

 Anyway.  I need to get back to What’s My Line pt2.  Because Angel’s still trapped, Kendra looks like she wants to slap a bitch and Cordy and Xander get with the kissing in this episode so there’s much to squee, sigh, laugh, cry and generally enjoy.


[As a side note, I do have a life.  I do have friends, I do go out and have fun, I do date and I do have other needs that I look for outside of fandom to fulfill.

But sometimes I wonder why.  When all I need is in an episode of Buffy.]


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