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Here I am, fully armed with a can of German insect killer and a huge hardback book.  I am ready to lay the smackdown on any bloody spiders who decide to fuck me off tonight - I don't function well on 5 hours sleep!  Quite dangerous, I suppose, that I can't understand a word of German on the can.  The instructions might be 'spray short bursts at 3 second intervals in circles while doing a line dance to get rid of insects and pests!'  Or 'Don't use this at all.  it's extremely poisonous to humans.  Please wear fencing mask or similiar'.

Ach.  It says kills 'fliegen, mucken (!), ameisen, silberfischen'.  I'm assuming those are names for insektens.  Could be wrong.  It has a picture of a fly in crosshairs on the can so it surely can't be a healthy, insect grow spray?

I don't care.  To tell the truth, I'm a little in love with this ol' German can o' mine.  Should really stop petting it lovingly and should look up an online translator but so lethargic.

In a way, this day's been a bit of a non event.  Haven't written a scrap - fic or otherwise.  Just lazed about reading magazines and books and wandering about town and such.

Spoke to the ex (argh! ex!) flatmate on the phone for a while, nice to hear from her.  I did live with her for three years.  It just feels like I'm on holiday atm... But we're going to Dundee for a gig a week on Tuesday.  Dundee is arse.  No buses or trains leave there for either Glasgow or Edinburgh after half 9.  So we have to stay somewhere.  And I can only find places to stay in Dundee South Africa, instead of Scotland.  Argh.

Need to sort out my bittorrent downloading TV soon.  Last year I had quite a list of what episodes where airing on what night in the US and reminder to download them the next day.  Got quite a routine going.  Gonna have to sort out premiere dates etc.. It's easy enough to do but just cannot be arsed atm.  I think I've missed an episode or two of weeds since downloading the 4 episode leak over a month ago.  Should check it out...

This whole day has sapped much energy out of me.  and I blame that spider.

Yup.  This post was entirely rubbish, but I'm trying to get in the habit of posting more regulary, as opposed to floating about comms.

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I'd forgotton about the huge bloody spiders in the country.  Have just seen two roughly the same size scurry from under my bed to the chair.  Fuck.  Am quite a bit freaking out.  I can only hope it's the same bloody spider who managed to double back without me seeing.  I've got the puppy sleeping at the foot of the bed... She managed to eat a Jenny Long Legs for me last night.  Fast fucking huge spider might be too much for her.  Argh.

Moths and midges and Jennys and Spiders... I'm not an insect friendly person.  Am terrified of spiders, but trying to be a grown up about it all.  Letting it go about its business unharmed.  (Mostly because I'm too scared to go hunting and it's nearly 4am which means too late to get out the hoover.)


Was feeling quite happy and elated after finishing the eight chapter of Image of You, sitting here, musing through the friends page when that fucker scuttles past.

Am half considering sleeping on the sofa downstairs.  have done this before, only to be confronted with another spider twice the size.  GodDAMNIT.  Why must you torture me?

I should really buy insect killer and keep it with me at all time for peace at mind.  Yep.  I'm a murderous bitch.  It's so pathetic and illogical to be scared of spiders, but I cannot help myself.  Nor would I want to.  I do not want to be OK with spiders.  Ever.

On a happier note, Scotland did me proud today against Hearts Lithuania.

Sigh.  Am going to catch up on correspondance, re: reply to comments etc and think about sleeping if I haven't seen that eight legged arachnid bastard for a while.

And you know the irony?  Charlotte's Web was my favourite book as a child...

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