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My head’s ready for bursting.  I’m working on some sketches right now for Friday, to send away to a new news/cultural sketch show which will be on the radio to see if they want to give me a job.  I love the idea of sitting about in a staff room, reading newspapers and making fun of stuff for a living.  But in reality it’s quite difficult to write a good sketch.  Something not redundant or overdone and most of all funny.  I think I’d really enjoy it and be good at it, but I need to get my shooting boots on.  I like to derive a lot of comedy from specific dialects and “patter” – but that’s not really an option in a nationwide thing.

I’ve formulated a few ideas.  Some that could actually be good enough to send away, and some not (a send-up of Oscar speeches last night… I feel too good about Kate Winslet winning to be snarky and bitchy about it re: shampoo bottle.  Surely we all did something similar?)

Few notes on current TV:

24:  Long since abandoned.  Season 6 was terrible and 7’s not that great.  Watched first four or five episodes while doing the ironing and I really have thrown in the towel.

Gossip Girl:  Not been on in a month or whatever, but still pleasing me.

Heroes:  Last episode I watched was when Elle died.  It wasn’t wholly intentional, but it was just too, too awful to continue.  I don’t even miss it.

L Word: Jenny’s a crazy bitch, half the characters annoy me and the writers are gonna fuck with my TiBette again:  Frustration is nothing new with this show.  Just 2 episodes left – ever - and Lucy Lawless in the finale.  That’s something to look forward to.

House: Gagging hard on the Foreteen but House has been watch-able.

Dollhouse: Was so very not impressed with the first episode.  SO very not.  And it’s Whedon.  And Eliza – wtf is wrong with me?  From prostitution (well that’s how I choose to see it when a millionaire purchases Eliza Dushku for the weekend, implants her with a bondage tendency personality and then wipes her afterwards once his time has expired) to paedophilia.  The second one is sitting on my hard drive and I cannot bring myself to watch it.  The concept – which sounded interesting when first announced – seems ridiculous and vaguely disgusting.  I know Buffy the Vampire Slayer sounded dopey from the outset – think way, way back before you’d even seen it – the name was awful.  But the show was so brilliantly crafted it didn’t matter – it just made it all the more endearing.  If Firefly got cancelled, but this stays on the air then the masses really do have no taste.

I don’t think I even bother with anything else anymore.  TV has not been stellar.  Even the last season of Weeds blew.


Ach.  Back to the drawing (sketching) board.  I am so very not funny…

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