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Seriously Jakey?

It's a jk, right?  All just a joke.

The work this man has done has aided the production of the films which make you extra mega mega rich and you yourself have admitted to using his work while writing when out and about.

You go after him when there are so many more unofficial "companion" guides  - The majority of which are total guff and have not contributed to your fortune in any small way.

To top it off, he has to pay you just under 7 grand.  I'm sure he needs it more than you.  I'm sure 7 grand is what falls out of your back pocket when you shake your trousers before putting them in the wash.

For shame, I say.  For shame.

Edit: I wrote about this trial a while ago and bit more coherently here.

Oh, and hooray for new posting code/system/technical whatever.  It means I only have to enter a link address once now because they don't immediately disappear with "error javascript" in place of the web address.  That was really pissing me off.
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well, the only reason I might agree with her is to say that it is still her characters and her world. And if she allows this one guy to do it, then everyone will think the gates are open...Intellectual Property is something that shouldn't be stolen...though we both writ fan fic in JKR's world, so maybe I'm just being a hypocrite :p
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The gates have been open for a long while. There are tons of unofficial books all trying to make a quick buck out of HP.

I'm 100% in agreement that intellectual property shouldn't be stolen but he's not passing it off as his own, nor is there even a chance in hell that someone picking up the book would think it his own words.

JKR has admitted to using his site to look up facts when she's out writing in cafes. For years, SVA had a quote from JKR on the site - something like "My natural home." And the film production crews had downloaded and printed out the Lexicon to use as reference when filming - They even flew him out on set as they were so grateful for his time and effort. In some small way, he's contributed to making money for JKR.

Her testimony was what made me quite disgusted with this whole suit. I don't know if it's because the UK does not have the lawsuit culture that the US has so her courtroom theatrics seemed just beneath my perceived line of honesty and dignity.

Fanfic is an even stickier legal subject - So let's not go there, eh? We'll just stick out fingers in our ears, type fanfic with our elbows (because our fingers are in our ears) and be safe in the knowledge that fic makes the world a better place ;)


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