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According to the Scotsman, Dame Maggie Smith has been undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer while filming for HBP.  I am thoroughly gutted.  I've admired that woman for a very long time.


This is a ridiculous video.  It's called Ur So Gay by Katy Perry (naturally someone sent this to me.)  Not generally a fan of the new wave of female singer songwriters ala Lily Allen, Kate Nash blah blah generic crap.  It's coming off the back of some 'Chav Indie' in the UK in which people don't sing, but rather talk about ordinary things in a Manc/Cockney accent.  Urgh.  Anyway, the video's a bit funny as it uses barbie dolls to make fun of 'online networking sites' and internet dating.  For some reason, dolls and teddies acting out always amuse me.  It goes back to an old comedy show The Adam and Joe Show.  It was ages ago, but I do remember the Trainspotting with teddies sketch.  Hilarious.


My team drew with a team in a lower league tonight.  After the frantic, nerve racking, heart thumping Cup Win at the weekend, I really don't know how I allow myself to get in such a state.


Anthony Minghella dead at 54.  That's horrible, my dad's older than him.  I wasn't a fan as his movies aren't really my cup of tea, but very sad for family and friends.

Arthur C Clarke dead at 90.  I'm sure many of his fans are gutted but the man had a good, long life.  RIP.


I'm starting to get very angry/nervous/upset/worried about the Beijing Olympics.  I never watch them and not usually bothered with the event but the situation with Tibet is worsening and their promise to use force to quell unhappy, oppressed people is deeply troubling.  How can such a major world showpiece be staged at such a time?  IMO it should be withdrawn, but that would mean no Olympics most likely as who can you find this late in the game?  Which is a shame for the athletes who are preparing every minute right now, but such a breach of human ethical rights cannot be tolerated.

This is such a fucked world. Sigh.  I know I'm oversimplifying massively but energy is not my friend ATM.


The cost for the Iraq war is estimated at 845 billion.  That's insane.  That's not even a real number in my tiny mathematical brain.


IOY is currently being hacked, prodded, changed and spat upon (metaphorically).  May have to cut into several little blocks and may post approx 3k tonight.  But that's dependent on my judgment, which has been frazzled by football (Why do I do it?)


Becoming made me sob uncontrollably.  As usual.  I am so easy.  As did Surprise, Innocence, Passion and I Only Have Eyes For You.  I should just be shot and put out of my misery.  I probably would've cried at Go Fish but I skipped it to get to Becoming

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