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Researchers have developed a robot which can tackle the chores, dance and show emotion.

I've been watching Battlestar Galactica lately - Usually spaceship sci-fi is soooo not my thing.  But it was highly rec'd  and I was enticed by the use of Greek mythology.  I managed to liberate the mini series and season 1 from ebay for pennies.  I'm now on season four and enjoying very much. I love my over reaching arc stuff, but I do like that there's a definite end point - though not so much that the end is very much nigh and I'll have to wait til January to watch with everyone else is rubbish.

Anyway.  Not the point of this post that I had to make, as I fall asleep, typing one handed.  The point is that when I read the blurb of this article on the homepage of yahoo, an unintentional strangled cry of 'No' escaped my throat.

Robots feeling emotion?  Intelligence?  Have we learned nothing from Terminator, BSG and the Matrix???  It's all there.  I'm not usually so paranoid, and I don't think a truly sentient mechanoid will be created in my lifetime but with steps such these and thoughts like "Hey, what harm could a dumb chore-doing machine be?" I can't help but see what lies ahead.

I'm starting a coalition for the Anti-Robot Future.  Unite!

Or maybe I just need to turn off BSG and get some sleep, Y/Y??

Damnit.  I can't see what damn keys I'm pressing and I've just made my firefox window full screen.  Freaking me out.  the robots did it. That should teach me for operating machinery while half passed-out and OD'd on sci-fi...


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