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Doing the dance of joy.  Posted IOY16 and mapping out last chapter.  Almost free!  This means I could move my arse on that play I need to write, I'm really excited about and been planning for a few months but just can't because my head's in weddings and wands.

(Damnit, I still need to finish my Grey's series don't I?  Not free yet..)

In other news, my guilty little pleasure Gossip Girl was excellent last night.  I spose I'm not really guilty about the pleasure that it gives me so that's a bit of a misnomer/false description/I can't give a crap about thinking of the right word as my brain is so tired.  Anyway.  I despise when someone describes it as OC meets Mean Girls.  Hardly.  Just because of the exec producer.  Since the very first episode I have lauded it to friends and family as Mean Girls meets Cruel Intentions.  And there is nothing better than that combo.  Fuck the OC.

Hated the OC.  Watched one episode hungover and it made me feel even worse so I'm surprised the guy who brought the world Pretty Sunny People!Pretty Sunny Places! does GG.  Perhaps I'm fooling myself if I think that because the Pretty People in GG are swanning about NY it makes me and the show less shallow.

Bah.  Uncaring as of now.  GG has exponentially more fslash to enjoy than the canon 3 episode faux lesbian sweeps stunt in the OC.  I'm completely talking out of my ass here since I don't know a damn thing about the OC than anything I accidentally glean in passing.  I think I have so much hatred for the OC because I hate deeply when anything I perceive as utter shit gets so popular.  Call me crazy.


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